Your website’s search engine optimization or SEO process is surely an ongoing process that begins with on page optimization. Even before leading search engines of today can be able to discover your website, it has to be properly formatted for the crawling robots. In order to start with a good SEO foundation, you have to ensure that your site is professionally built by an expert web design and development service providers that keep the SEO for contractors a top priority throughout the process. After making sure that your business website already has a great foundation, you can already be able to implement these basic tactics for on page search engine optimization: 

  1. Choose the key phrases or keywords throughout your website that you want to be optimized.You can get keyword ideas through checking your Google Analytics, using Google Keyword Planner as well as asking your target audience. Try to select specific and long tail keyword phrases in order for you to have a more effective SEO marketing.
  2. Add customized metadata for every page on your website, most especially the <title> as well as the <description> tags.You can also be able to include your targeted keywords in these tags but you should be careful not to overdo it. Keep in mind that this is the content that first appears in search engines, which means it has to be both human friendly and robot friendly in order for it to be highly effective.
  3. Make sure that the URL of your site is search engine friendly.
  4. Optimize the images on your website with relevant alt tags and titles. Alt tag text actually tells search engines what your website’s image is, because they cannot be able to ready images. In addition to that, it also displays if certain images do not load or if a user utilizes an ADA device.
  5. Make sure that you indicate <H1>, <H2>, as well as <H3> tags in the headers of your content page.The most important headings are those with <H1> tags while contents that have <H2> and <H3> are considered as subheads. Aside from that, you should also include your keywords in these tags but you should not force it.
  6. Write an effective content page with both robots and humans in mind.Make sure that your contents have the important and effective keyword phrases in it as well as make sure that it will be read easily by every search enginerobots. On the other hand, it is also more important that you make high quality content so you can win the heart of your visitors. The point is that you should find a balance that will work best for your business. 
  7. Set an effective regular schedule to update your content.Most leading search engines love websites that can regularly generate fresh content. One great way to achieve this is to create a blog. However, if a blog is not included in your strategy for an effective online marketing, then try to set aside time to have your website content updated periodically.